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Standing Seam is a metal roofing system that provides a clean, contemporary look and is architecturally scaled for residential applications. Available in both 24 gauge Galvalume Coated Steel and 100% Aluminum. Custom manufactured on our own machinery from heavy-duty premium grade material. Additionally, in comparison to most panels,  has all concealed fasteners, eliminating failure-prone rubber washers beneath exposed screw heads.

designed to be the very best

For homeowners who want a metal roof with a traditional appearance, or require special architectural considerations, AL-CO Standing Seam is designed to be the best. The stainless fastening clips and screws ensure secure and lasting attachment with no chance for problems resulting from expansion and contraction. Our custom made in-house trims used to complete a Standing Seam roof have also been carefully designed for beauty and durability.

Produced with precise tolerances under controlled conditions, and using only the best first-run steel and aluminum coated in quality industry-leading PVDF paint technology,  AL-CO Standing Seam is truly top-of-the-line metal roofing for your home.

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Premium standing seam

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Standing Seam Gallery

Aluminum Standing Seam Color Options

24 Gauge Steel Standing Seam Colors
AL-CO Metal Roofing 24 Gauge Steel Standing Seam Color Chart

Lifetime limited warranty

Classic Metal Roof Systems offers the industry’s most comprehensive lifetime limited warranty available. Our warranty guarantees your roof will not chip, peel, flake, blister, burn, rust, split, or crack with age. Additionally, our paint systems carry a non-pro-rated 30-Year Limited Warranty ensuring your roof’s finish will resist fade and chalk.

If you sell your home the warranty transfers to all future owners, extending 40 years from the point of installation. If your roof does experience a warranted failure, we will not only cover the cost of materials but workmanship to repair or replace your roof.

We provide a warranty of this level and coverage because our products and technology are proven. In over 30 years of roofing thousands of homes across the world, we have had fewer than ten warranted claims. We are proud of that track record and are committed to set new standards of excellence for years to come.

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