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Introducing Anodized Oxford Shingle

April 3, 2024

The Future of Metal Roofing is Here: Introducing the Anodized Oxford Shingle by Classic Metal Roofing Systems and Lorin Industries

Classic Metal Roofing Systems, a leader in premium metal roofing for decades, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Lorin Industries, renowned for their cutting-edge anodization processes. Together, they've unveiled the future of metal roofing: the Anodized Oxford Shingle.

A Collaboration Built on Excellence

This innovative shingle is the result of the combined expertise of Classic Metal Roofing Systems and Lorin Industries. Classic Metal Roofing Systems brings their unparalleled experience in crafting high-performance metal roofs, while Lorin Industries contributes their industry-leading anodizing technologies. This powerful partnership ensures the Anodized Oxford Shingle is not just beautiful, but built to the highest standards.

Why Anodization and not paint?

Anodization offers some unique and great benefits not offered by other metal coatings. Anodizing is an electro-chemical process that utilizes electrolytic baths which grow an anodic film which protects the aluminum. The base metal is protected from corrosion, wear, and other environmental detriments while providing a customizable decorative finish that is available in a wide range of colors, including black, bronze, gold, silver, and more. Because the process pulls the pigment into the surface of the base metal, instead of applying to the top, anodization offers excellent benefits. It offers superior scratch resistance and, excellent sun exposure resistance, as well as extreme energy efficiency.

Innovation Meets Beauty

The Anodized Oxford Shingle combines the timeless elegance of a classic shingle or slate profile with the unmatched durability and performance of metal roofing. This revolutionary product boasts several key features:

  • Unmatched Longevity:  Unlike traditional asphalt shingles, the Anodized Oxford Shingle is built to last a lifetime. Forget about repeated roof replacements - this shingle offers superior weather resistance and won't crack, warp, or rot.
  • Stunning Aesthetic:  The anodized finish creates a unique, eye-catching appearance that elevates the curb appeal of any home. Choose from a variety of rich, fade-resistant colors to perfectly complement your architectural style.
  • Lightweight Strength:  Despite its impressive resilience, the Anodized Oxford Shingle is surprisingly lightweight, making it ideal for existing structures. This translates to easier installation and less stress on your roof supports.
  • Low Maintenance:  Metal roofs are renowned for their low maintenance requirements. Say goodbye to regular shingle checks and repairs; the Anodized Oxford Shingle offers a virtually maintenance-free solution.
  • Sustainable Choice:  Metal roofs are one of the most environmentally friendly roofing options. The extended lifespan and cool reflective properties of metal contribute to energy efficiency and reduced waste.

Ready to Experience the Future of Metal Roofing? AL-CO can help!

If you're looking for a roof that will stand the test of time and enhance the beauty of your home, then the Anodized Oxford Shingle is the perfect solution. Contact AL-CO Metal Roofing today for a free consultation and learn more about this revolutionary metal roofing product.

AL-CO Metal Roofing is helping homeowners move towards the future of roofing. Join the revolution and experience the Anodized Oxford Shingle difference!

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