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Country Manor Shake in Yoakum TX

November 16, 2018

We put Country Manor Shake on everything that had a roof on this ranch in Yoakum Texas, and we can do the same for you. P. S. The birds even said, with the new roof, their house is cooler in the summer.

Country Manor Shake gave both distinction and continuity to the look of all the buildings on this lovely Yoakum Texas ranch.  The homeowners, who built this home and added all the other buildings over time, still live here after more than 50 years. They started off with wood shake roofs and found that they were short term in life cycle. They wanted to maintain the high level of style given by hand split wooden shakes, but wanted a much longer performance, and decided on Country Manor Shake metal shingles and satisfied both needs.

Now these ranch owners are ready to pass this legacy property onto the next generation. They loved the ability for their family to not have to worry about replacing their roof anytime soon. Contact us at AL-CO Metal Roofing so we can help your family do the same.

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